My work deals with perception and the experience of looking into, around, and through surfaces. Light, and its ability to both foreground and obscure, is explored through woven substrates, digital prints on fabric, and sculptural forms that often employ steel and resin. The dichotomy of heavy and weightlessness is explored through these materials and various forms. This, in conjunction with the reflectivity, plays with how the work is perceived through the senses and preconceived notions of certain materials. In my woven substrates, light appears to be embedded into the structure. As the viewer moves around the work portions of the surface are illuminated while others recede and flatten. Digitally printed photographs on silk utilize transparency and visibility to contemplate the stability of the imagery, questioning what is real and imagined. The images found in my work are of water, or more specifically, sun and sky reflected on the surface and use the abilities of reflection and refraction to create distortion. Weaving, understood as fixed and unalterable, becomes a luminous surface that holds space and movement. A photographic image, understood as a representation of time and place, becomes a shifting notation of light.